Mim Art

“To the uninformed my painting style appears to be wildly abstract. However, my voice is imitating the spontaneous generation that occurs in nature. The Rorschach clouds swirling over our heads… The colonies of single-celled beings knitting together the catalyst that sparks our evolution… The unseen chemistry that corrodes everything, including us… It takes an enlightened eye to recognize that your painting style mimics the very nature of time and life.”   Feel free to contact me mimsyart@gmail.com


“Mim is intensely prolific, constantly making art as readily as she lives her life, which is to say with passion and honesty, and without apology. She lives and breathes a work before beginning its physical creation, and when she begins to build something, she does so from trance-like focus, because my sense is that she has already spent hours inhabiting its presence. I have seen her complete large pieces in a short amount of time, working intuitively in this way with a variety of media. She pours herself into a piece and commits fully until she feels it’s finished. The first piece of hers I collected took ten years for its completion, and I was probably drawn to the care she invested in it. She readily listens and conceptualizes another person’s vision and allows the materials to flow into shape of their own accord. The results are majestic. She gives instinctively and continuously, bringing her art to galleries, community spaces and homes. I collect her canvases whenever I can, and I keep every home-made card because each object, whether large or small, is iconic.”

-Eve Chosak Long Time Mim Art Collector

2 thoughts on “Mim Art

  1. I’m looking to contact Mim, is this her?

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